How to make your resume stand out


Resumes are your chance to make a first impression on possible employers. They not only show an overview of your skills, but can tell a lot about your personality. To get your foot in the door and make a lasting impression, use the tips below. 

Make a list of your accomplishments

Regularly keep a list of what experiences you have. Maybe you attended a one-day workshop or you made the Dean’s list this semester. Compile a rough list, or use your LinkedIn profile, to keep up with what you have been doing. This will help you when making a resume. 

Keep it simple

A good resume should be only one-page; employers usually do not have a lot of time on their hands, so you don’t want them searching a basic detail. List jobs and skills relevant to the position to which you are applying. Also, use readable fonts and clearly organize sections. If you absolutely must add more, refer your employer to your personal website. 

Proofread it

The worse thing you could do when making a resume is to put the wrong contact information for you or one of your references. Typos can make your resume look unprofessional. Read and edit your resume before sending it. Having another set of eyes take a look at it can also be a good idea too. 

Match the grammar to the description

Before polishing your resume, re-read the job description. Note keywords that the employer is looking for. Are there any particular skills? Can a previous experience relate to this position? Try using similar verbs and adjectives. The word association can help an employer picture you in your desired position. 

Use PDF format

If your resume has a unique design, save it as a PDF before emailing it to the employer. PDFs allow the formatting to stay the same between computers and allow the employer to see your professional design. Also, name the file, “Your Name Resume,” and it will allow the employer to find your resume easily among all candidates.