Why should you add your volunteer work to your resume

Before I attended college, it seemed like everyone in high school gathered volunteer hours to make their college or scholarship applications stand out. I kept careful track of my own service hours so when it came to listing them in applications, I would have an easier time. 

Now in college, it seems that many students– myself included– do not take that same precision to track hours. Sometimes we volunteer when we can, as our schedules are much more hectic than they were in high school. However, adding those services hours that you may have to a resume can make a huge difference in your application process for jobs, internships and scholarships now. 

This is not to say volunteer for the sake of resume-building. You should volunteer because you want to, otherwise you won’t enjoy what you are doing. By volunteering any extra time you have, you can make a difference, either big or small, in our community. Volunteering because you want to also allows you to have a stronger talking point in a job interview. You can discuss how you decided to better the world around you. 

When a potential employer sees that you have some volunteer experience on your resume, it shows that you want to take initiative. With those opportunities, you made a direct impact to help another person or persons. It also shows that you are humble and want to have a positive impact. 

Some skills you gather while volunteering can also translate into professional skills. If you fundraised for a cause, you can list on your resume how you did so. You can also organize an event for a charity and demonstrate to an interviewer that you have some background in event-planning. Many times in volunteer work you will have to work with a team and an employer will see that as you being a team player. 

Mentioning volunteer work in a job application can tell more about you than just your work experience. Plus, it can make you stand out in any applicant pool. Get started today by finding places to volunteer in Lexington