Translate college skills into professional skills


Via Wikimedia Commons. 

For many students, college is a time to prepare for a career. They pick a major or program and study it for four years or so. Then, they become graduates and apply for jobs. While books and classes teach you a lot about your career field, you might be surprised at how many life skills you gain in college can prepare you for potential jobs.

The skills section of a resume tends to be the hardest. Some might have trouble doing self-inventory and are unsure what skills they already have or how well they can perform them. Other may list too many or irrelevant skills.

On your resume, you will list a few common skills for your career field, but which ones should you list that will let you stand out among a crowd? Think about student organizations you were in and what they taught you. Can something you did regularly, such as studying or practicing a team sport, translate into a skill? Look at the examples below.

College skill

Job skill

Studying for finals

Ability to work under pressure

Organizing classes, work, social and free times

Time management

Creating student organization event


Having an officer position in a group

Leadership skills

Working as a tutor for a writing class

Editing skills

Think about how these skills can relate to your job. If they can relate well, make sure to list them. By identifying such skills, you can bolster your application.

Also, before submitting application, have another person read over it. They might be able to offer additional insight.