How to nail a job interview

Via Wikimedia Commons.

After you send your resume in, the next step in the job application process is almost always an interview with your future employer or employers. It is the chance to make a personable impression and show more about yourself than what your resume says.  

Sometimes, you will visit the office and other times you will have to do an interview over Skype, but most of the rules below apply to either situation. 

Dress professionally

Whether you are applying for a part-time retail job or the first job in your career, always dress for success. Dressing well shows the employer that you respect them and the position in question. It gets the point across that you are willing to contribute to a professional environment. 


Also know the basics about the company. Who are some notable employees? What is purpose of the organization? Do you know anyone else that works there? Start digging on the company’s website and social media accounts. By showing that you know a little about the company in your interview can tell the interviewer that you are committed to it. Plus, you can get a better idea of how you can benefit the company. 

Ask questions

Before the interview begins, make a list of at least five questions you have about the position or company. Some examples are “What are some specific duties I would have?” or “What do you like about working here?” Remember that job interviews are two-way streets.

Be prepared for the expected questions

Some common interview questions are “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” or “Why did you apply for this position?” Think about and list questions you expect to be asked in your interview. Also ask others who have worked in similar jobs what their interview was like. This way, you can have prepared answers and talking points for your interview. 


Also remember to keep calm while preparing and doing the interview. Practice a mock interview with someone before hand, such as a friend, colleague or mentor. Remember that the employer decided to give you an interview after seeing potential in your resume.