The KRNL Guide to Dressing at UK

Becky Faulconer

Many incoming students assume that dressing in college is just like dressing in high school, where everyone dresses up and puts together intricate outfits for their day-to-day schedule. That’s not how college works.

The main priority for any college student is and should be comfort. Think you’ll be wearing jeans and a leather jacket to class in 85-degree weather? Think again; especially in the heat of September. T-shirts, oversized or not, and “norts” (Nike shorts or any other athletic shorts) are the way to go. Whatever you do, don’t wear a Louisville shirt, or red for that matter. As for leggings and sneakers, you can never go wrong. Literally, never.

When the weather starts to get a little cooler (that’ll take a few months. This is Kentucky, after all), layering is key. Even in the first month of school, the walk to class is extremely hot but the classrooms are ice cold, well, most of them. Sweaters, flannels, jean jackets and bomber jackets are all stylish, comfortable and easy-to-wear layering options.

Classes aside, it’s also necessary to have a college ‘capsule closet,’ which is a collection of a few essential and timeless pieces that you can mix and match to create different outfits. Capsule closets typically include a nice pair of slacks, a well-fitted pair of jeans, neutral (white, black, grey) tops, a little black dress and several other options depending on your lifestyle. With a capsule closet, you can style professional outfits suited for career fairs or internship interviews or you can go the party route with a simple dress and statement accessories.

Ultimately, college has no dress code, so it’s actually the perfect time to experiment with your style. As fashion advocates, we won’t tell you what to wear or what not to wear (besides Louisville red). You should always just “do you.” If you do decide to jazz it up, do it with confidence and you’ll stand out. If you want to keep it low key, you’ll always find support among your 30,000 new classmates.