Matt House with Eastern Michigan’s quarterback


Kentucky Wildcats head coach Mark Stoops coaches up Mike Edwards during the open practice at the Joe Craft Football Training Facility on Saturday, August 5, 2017 in Lexington, KY. Photo by Addison Coffey | Staff

As the UK football team attempts to get over the Florida loss and get ready for Eastern Michigan, the main question being asked is what happened on those two plays where Florida’s receiver was left uncovered. 

After Wednesday’s practice, defensive coordinator Matt House had the chance to elaborate on those two plays that arguably cost the Cats the game.

“It’s inexcusable, it won’t happen again, we’ve addressed it as a staff,” House said.

Now that the mistakes have been address, the Cats have put all their attention in not letting their loss affect the way they play against Eastern Michigan.

The first thing Kentucky has noticed in reviewing film is Brogan Roback, the quarterback that has led Eastern Michigan’s offense so far this season.

“He’s a really really talented kid, he gets the ball out fast, he throws back shoulder fades really well, he makes their offense run,” House said.

Roback has thrown for 798 yards and two touchdowns this season. Roback’s 798 passing yards are 33 more than Stephen Johnson’s total, and Roback has played one less game than Johnson. 

The thing that gets Roback all those yards is getting the ball out of his hands before the defense causes any pressure. Roback’s ability to get rid of the ball quickly reminds House of a quarterback who the Cats have already played.

“That part reminds me of (Jake) Bentley a little bit but Bentley didn’t throw the back shoulder fades like this kid,” House said.

Roback will be one of the better quarterbacks the Cats have played so far this season, but that doesn’t mean that he is perfect.

Roback tends to throw a lot of interceptions, and he already has two this season in just three games. In the past two seasons Roback has thrown 18 interceptions.

With an interception-prone quarterback coming to town, Mike Edwards, who leads the Cats in interceptions with two, is looking forward to this weekend’s matchup.

“We (defensive backs) love when they throw the ball, so that’s best for us,” Edwards said.