Inktober: a challenge to develop positive habits

Hannah Trusty

What started as one man’s endeavor to challenge himself to improve his skills and develop positive drawing habits, has grown into a worldwide movement that has attracted tens of thousands of participants over the past eight years.

Inktober is an online project that was created by Jake Parker, an illustrator based out of Utah, Parker’s website said. His clients include Google, Marvel, Disney Animation and Warner Brothers Animation and his work has been featured on the films “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” and “Titian A.E.” It is safe to say that he knows about drawing.

To participate in Inktober, the rules are simple. Make a drawing in ink, post it online, hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2017 and repeat each day in October, Parker’s website said.

The UK College of Fine Arts tweeted about the program, encouraging students to participate. Becky Alley, Bolivar Art Gallery Director and lecturer in the UK School of Art and Visual Studies, said she feels the project has value for students and non-students alike. 

“I think Inktober is a wonderful project that builds community among artists all over the world,” Alley said. “It challenges artists to experiment, play and draw everyday, which are all essential habits for artists to develop and practice. I would definitely encourage students to participate and share their work with all of us.”

If inspiration is a problem, the official Inktober site has a list of prompts for each day. From prompts for clouds to underwater, there are plenty of ideas to get those pens started. The website also includes a tutorial on how to ink, for those new to the practice. 

For those who miss a day or simply don’t want to commit to everyday, Parker suggests what he calls the ‘half-marathon’ route of posting every other day, or the ‘5K’ and post once a week.

Remember that Inktober is about growing, improving, forming positive habits and, most importantly, having fun while drawing. 

So get those pens ready. Inktober is just around the corner.