Title Boxing Club provides safe, intense workout



Belle Kendrick

Move out of the way plain old gym memberships, and welcome in the phenomenon of boxing. The archaic punching bag in the gym and boxing gloves are now receiving more action due to Title Boxing Club.

Title Boxing Club has captivated numerous Americans with their strength and cardio workouts that appeal to all ages. The company’s website says that boxing, one of the oldest sports still existing, is new again and benefits many people. From 15-year-olds up to 70-year-olds, people are beginning to see real results from boxing.

The national franchise has over 170 locations dedicated to giving people “the best hour of their day,” according to its website. The Lexington location is at 171 West Lowry Lane.

Like many fitness clubs, if you haven’t been to Title Boxing Club before, your first trial class is free—except for the $5 fee to buy the mandatory hand wraps. Using the free trial to my advantage, I walked into my first boxing class ready to go.

Kayla Reigler, an advocate for barre classes, tried Title Boxing and is now a member of the club.

“I can see results faster than I would have imagined, boxing definitely works muscles that normal workouts don’t,” Reigler said.

As far as the boxing class goes, it was a remarkable workout and I was sore for days afterward, but the downside is that if you’re an on-campus student resident, you need a car to get there. Another problem students may face is that to be a member of the club, there is a hefty fee, but the end result would be worth it.

The trainers at Title Boxing were exceptionally helpful with newcomers. There are many times where people who are starting at new gyms feel awkward being the “newbies,” but I felt completely comfortable and the instructors helped out through the entire workout.

Boxing is a sport that is challenging to perform and with training such as Title Boxing, you become both a better athlete and learn some self-defense skills.

Title Boxing Club is a completely safe and intense workout that anyone can benefit from. Making sure you get your exercise in daily is crucial to your long term health, and maybe you’ll find a new love for boxing.

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