Underground UK: Apps to make UK students more successful

Megan Brown

In the 21st century we are living in, it’s impossible to go anywhere without seeing someone on their cell phone. Family dinners have turned into conference calls, checking emails and status updates, while social gatherings have become platforms for sharing Snapchat videos and pictures. 

College students are not exempt from this trend and, in fact, may be the biggest contributors. However, instead of simply using cell phones for social media and distracting games, college students can download a variety of apps to enhance their college experience. Anything from coupons to reward programs, students can use these apps to be successful throughout the school year. 

Amazon Prime

Amazon’s free six month student trial allows students to use their university email to have all the perks of Prime, including free two day shipping. For students without a car, they can take advantage of the program to buy essentials. When the six month trial runs out students can use their email to get a full year of Amazon Prime for half of the original cost which is 100 dollars. 


The art of couponing has been on the rise with shows such as TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” giving a whole new meaning to the idea of saving money by using coupons. Flip is an app revolutionizing the world of couponing by taking the hard work out and allowing users to input their grocery list and showing them weekly ads for stores and coupons based on their shopping list. Saving money anywhere you can in college is a necessity and using apps like Flip can help. 


Downloading the Canvas app may seem obvious, but many students don’t even know it exists or choose not to. Not only does the Canvas app send reminders about assignments, it also will send notifications when new files are posted, professors make announcements and when assignments are graded. Using the app ensures students will get valuable information faster than if they were to just log into Canvas on a computer. 

Pocket Points

In a boring lecture it is very tempting to look over at your phone. However, Pocket Points is an incentive program designed to help students resist the urge to look at their phone by rewarding them when they stay off their phone during class. Pocket Points rewards students with coupons to restaurants and other relators nearby when they have earned enough points. 

Left to Spend

One of the hardest parts about college is budgeting laundry, food, clothing and fun. This app will help students keep track of their “allowance” and tell them how much they have left to spend. It is easy to get distracted and spend too much money but this app is a finical tool which will help prevent that.

Apps are taking over the way we live our daily lives. It is up to students to determine how they are going to use them to their advantage.