Pigg’s Playlist: Music from a low budget horror film


Kayla Pigg, Kernel columnist, rocks out on a red guitar. 

Kayla Pigg

Hearing your favorite band made a low budget horror film during their downtime on tour sounds too good to be true, right? No, it really happened, and one of your favorite musicians may have been in the video, too.

For a long time Slashed, a low-budget horror film featuring multiple music acts, seemed like the stuff of rumors as it has too many famous musicians in one epic video. It just couldn’t exist– and it didn’t, at least not for a while. Fans never witnessed the slasher flick until eight years after it was filmed, when alternative rock band Ash released part one of it as a music video for Binary on The A-Z Series in 2010.

The spooky tale stars some extremely well known artists such as Dave Grohl as “Hysterical Dave Grohl,” Chris Martin and Johnny Buckland of Coldplay as “FBI Agent Sherbert Bones and FBI Agent Datsun Ford,” Moby, Ben Kweller, The Hives, The Vines and, of course, the entirety of Ash.

Entirely filmed on camcorder while Ash was on tour back in 2002 with Coldplay, the film was never actually finished, which explains the delay in the much-awaited release. The gore-filled hilarious tale was written by Jed Shepherd and directed by Ash who were somehow able to entice their friends to tag along with them in the gruesome journey, where many of them end up dead.

Part one follows Ash band mates Tim Wheeler, Mark Hamilton, Rick McMurray and Charlotte Hatherley checking into their hotel room number 666 and bassist Mark Hamilton seeing a frightening axe man. You’ll have to watch to see which of your favorite musicians make it out alive and which do not.

This week’s playlist will of course feature Binary by Ash, but I’m also planning on taking you all down an epic rabbit hole of quintessential 90s tunes with me.


1. Empty, Garbage

2. Naked Eye, Luscious Jackson

3. Binary, Ash

4. The Bad Touch, Bloodhound Gang

5. Sad Sweetheart Of The Rodeo, Harvey Danger

6. Horror With Eyeballs, The Dissociatives

7. Cake, Shiner

8. Learn to Fly, Foo Fighters

9. Barely Breathing, Duncan Sheik

10. Kingdom of Lies, Folk Implosion