Time management is crucial to Greek students


Newly selected sorority women race down Rose Street Sunday after hearing which awaiting house on Greek Row would become their new home-away-from-home. Photo by Josh Mott | Staff

Matt Hasty

Time management is critical to college students. Even if a student does not have a job, he or she still needs to learn how to manage their time wisely. Time management is especially essential when you are a pledge in a fraternity or a sorority.

From pledge meetings in the late hours of the night to philanthropy events that Greeks must participate in, joining a chapter only adds to chaotic schedules. If you are working a job and are a full-time student, your schedule is overbooked and you do not have time for anything.

Keep in mind that school comes first. While hanging out with fraternity brothers and sorority sisters is fun, flunking class is not. If you are failing classes while spending most of your limited free time with your pledge class, then you need to sort out what priorities are important in your life.

For me, personally, school comes first. It always has and it always will. Fraternities and sororities are mostly beneficial when you are in college. Greek chapters have alumni events, sure, but the gist of the fraternity and sorority experience are for college students.

Meanwhile, classes has a greater and a more immediate effect on students’ post-graduation life. If someone flunks a class, then they may not receive their degree on time. Without a degree, they will struggle immensely to get the career they want. Sometimes, it is downright impossible to get your desired career without a college degree.

Great time management will lead to success in school and other activities in life.

Those who are having trouble with time management, consider these tips:

  • Change what can be changed. If work is causing you to fail, cut back your hours.
  • Fill empty pockets of time in your weekly schedule with studying for the class you are struggling in. If you need to read for that class, do it in the empty pockets of time you have.
  • Save Netflix and other leisure activities until the weekend, if you can. Your fraternity and sorority needs to understand that the week is dedicated to your classes.
  • Talk to your professors. Heed any criticism that your professor gives you and use it to improve yourself.

With this advice, UK students can break the cliché that “C’s get degrees.”