Security camera footage shows moment when UK photographer was struck by police ATV

Bailey Vandiver

Video obtained via the Kentucky Open Records Act shows the incident in which an ATV driven by a Lexington police officer hit a UK photographer at the Cat Walk on Saturday, Oct. 7. 

The footage from a Kroger Field camera shows people lined up for the Cat Walk on either side of a roped-off lane.

The Lexington police officer, who has not yet been named because the situation is under review by UK Police, is driving a Polaris ATV owned by the Lexington Police Department.

Chet White, UK Athletics Director of Photography, was photographing the marching band when the ATV hit him. The ATV visibly shakes when it makes impact with White, and White can be seen falling to the ground.

Eyewitness Judy Lowry said White had a cut on his head and a tire print on the back leg of his khakis after the incident.

The police officer then helped White into the ATV and to the EMS station. White was transported to the hospital, where he received two staples in his head.