Apple vs. Dell: Why MacBooks are so popular among college students


Via Pixabay. 

Nakiya Brewer

The University of Kentucky is huge, along with its student body. This is my third year at UK and I still wonder, why does everyone have a MacBook? I asked my friends why they bought their MacBook and their answers were pretty simple, to say the least.

Some stated that they have been using Apple products as long as they have been able to use electronics. As surprising as it may sound, Dell laptops were the laptop to have among college students years ago. There seems to have been a shortage of information on Dell’s part that is disconnecting Dell laptops and college students. Of course, when considering what laptop to buy, price, features and size are all aspects to look at that affect someone’s decision.

Before coming to UK, I had my heart set on one of the newest touch screen HP’s, but unfortunately, I didn’t get that specific laptop because of its high price. Although the features were amazing, I had no idea why I wanted to purchase that specific laptop. I would be paying for extra space and features that I probably wouldn’t need until 10 years later when a newer and more improved laptop hit the market.

Personally, I would not consider myself a loyal Apple customer. I owned my first iPod Touch when I was a freshman in high school. I also owned an HP laptop all four years of high school. Owning both products, I could tell a difference between the programs.

Apple continues to design exquisite products and strategically market to college students. Apple MacBooks are ranked significantly higher among college students than Dell laptops. With the right marketing, products and incentives over the past years, Apple has owned a big chunk of the college market share. Apple has been able to take a chunk of the college market because they understand exactly what a college student needs and wants.

Understanding the customer is key, especially in the business world. With college students, understanding the market takes more than just visiting campuses and taking surveys. Many students here on campus use MacBooks for their program features. As an HP laptop owner, I would agree to this. Not to mention the great incentives that come with buying Apple products. No matter what time of the year, Apple gives students a discount on their products. One of their incentives that they are marketing right now is that if you buy an eligible MacBook, you will receive a free pair of wireless Beats headphones.

At UK, no matter if I am sitting in class or walking around campus, I see a greater amount of Apple MacBooks than Dell laptops. This may be because they are more popular and people love following trends, or others may purchase them solely for reasons they are meant to be used for. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to text their friends from their laptop?