Time to schedule your registration appointment


Students will see this hold on their myUK account until after they have met with their adviser. 

News Staff

The start of October means cooler weather, Halloween costumes and more football, but it also means registration for spring classes is approaching.

Before students can register, they must meet with their advisers within their college.

Many students have likely already received an email from their adviser, instructing them to schedule appointments as soon as possible.

Priority registration is from Oct. 30 to Nov. 21.

University Advising Coordinator Sarah Ballard said academic, program and career advisers are great resources for students. She said advisers help with much more than just what classes to take.

“Advisers help connect students to campus resources, internships, study abroad, experiential learning opportunities, and so much more,” Ballard said. “It’s important for students to meet with their advisors prior to registration because the advising relationship is vital to academic success here at UK.”

While specific colleges and advisers may have different preferences for scheduling appointments, all students will schedule their appointments through myUK.

Here are the general instructions:

1. Go to myUK and log in with your link blue ID and password. Students will see this image, notifying them that they have a hold on their account. The hold will be lifted after they attend their registration meeting.

2. Click on the myInfo tab along the top of the screen.

3. Choose the myAppointments tab along the left side of the screen.

4. Choose your primary college, such as College of Engineering.

5. Instructions after this may vary depending on the adviser’s preferences. Please see the email from your adviser or contact him or her with any questions. Students can also email [email protected] for help.