Bear & the Butcher fills a void in the Chevy Chase neighborhood

Abigail Davidson

Bourbon, brews and brunch are the standout of Lexington’s newest Chevy Chase installment, Bear & the Butcher.

The intriguing façade dominating Lexington’s historic neighborhood is more than just an Instagram-worthy date spot. The owners of Lexington favorites, like Pazzo’s and the Village Idiot, opened the doors on Aug. 31. Bear & the Butcher, self described as fast, casual and local, boasts an eclectic menu with unlikely combinations at an affordable price.

The front of Bear & the Butcher can’t be missed; as it towers over nearby storefronts with rich jewel toned subway tile siding and rustic trim detail. The floral accents adorning the two story outdoor seating add an incredible style to the restaurant and the inside is no different. Complete with exposed piping and neon lights, the restaurant’s industrial design is uniquely paired with rustic wooden booths and floors.

The menu is an unexpected mix of street food and sausages. A focal point for their menu is their sausage range, with four distinctive flavors of sausages, including the traditional German fare and a spicy sausage with a Texas influence. To match their selection, they have house-made mustard and sauerkraut, as well as daily specials.

To continue with the eclectic theme, Bear & the Butcher adds street tacos and sliders to the mix. The ‘Creamy Sriracha Shrimp’ taco has a strong flavor profile with a sweet and savory taste. As with the rest of their menu, they have both traditional and unique styles, with their radical combinations coming out on top.

Food isn’t the only thing Bear & the Butcher does right. In fact, the extensive selection of craft beer, cocktails and liquor could be what makes the restaurant a Lexington favorite. There is a full service bar on each floor and an all encompassing menu of Kentucky’s favorite bourbons like Wild Turkey and Buffalo Trace, and many craft beers, such as West 6th IPA and Country Boy.

In addition to the beer, bourbon and whiskey selection, they offer a large menu of craft cocktails and specialty drinks with unique flavors, along with their twists on the classics like the jalapeño margarita.

Brunch is served from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, and the menu is decorated with brunch staples such as ‘The Standard,’ which includes a buttermilk biscuit, scrambled eggs, American cheese and breakfast sausage or bacon and the self explanatory ‘Biscuits and Gravy.’

The brunch basics are complemented with unique dishes such as the ‘Breakfast Corndog,’ which is a breakfast sausage in blueberry-cornmeal pancake batter with maple syrup, and the ‘Avocado Toast Sandwich,’ which adds a fried egg, bacon, tomato and red onion to the beloved open faced avocado toast. Brunch options at Bear & the Butcher are plentiful by comparison to their lunch and dinner menus, making this a go-to spot for locals looking for a weekend meal.

The two-story restaurant is very open and comfortable, with many couches and tables for even the busiest of nights. This eatery is ideal for groups of friends looking to dine nearby, as there are many seats made for groups of six or more. The atmosphere is very much local flair mixed with an elevated style, and definitely should be considered one of the greatest in the area.

Chevy Chase, a classic but trendy area of Lexington, is a one-stop- shop for all things local. Bear and the Butcher, while in great company with favorites like Bourbon and Toulouse and Charlie Brown’s, fills a void for an eclectic spot where the Lexingtonian can experience unique flavors and drink local in an unmatched Atmosphere.

Bear & the Butcher is located at 815 Euclid Ave., a short walk from University of Kentucky’s campus.