Smile! How to invest in your confidence by elevating your oral health


Smile! How to invest in your confidence by elevating your oral health

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(BPT) – When you get dressed in the morning, do you smile in the mirror and like what you see? Your teeth are part of your overall well-being and have the power to change how you look and feel. Having a solid oral health routine enables you to look and feel your best with a brighter, whiter smile. It can go a long way in improving your health, mood and help you carry yourself more confidently.

Just like putting on a nice outfit makes you feel put together and capable, a great smile can improve your appearance and impact your self-esteem. According to a survey by Premier Dental, 78% of respondents feel more confident when their teeth are clean and white.

Your teeth also affect how others perceive you. Of those consumers surveyed, respondents noted that when they meet someone who has a bright, white smile, they believe that person is confident (41%), happy (32%) and friendly (29%). If you want to make a great first impression, having a bright, clean smile can help.

People care about teeth, and for some, proper oral hygiene is non-negotiable in romantic relationships. About 50% of U.S. consumers would break up with someone over their neglected dental hygiene. Investing in your oral hygiene may very well improve your current or prospective dating life!

Elevate your oral health

If you already have an excellent oral hygiene routine, you likely brush your teeth twice a day with a regular or electric toothbrush. If you want to step up your game further, consider improving your oral health with the advanced izzo® 4-in-1 oral care system.

Inspired and designed by dental professionals, izzo® is technology for your mouth that can give you a healthy, confident smile.

The izzo® 4-in-1 oral care kit includes an advanced oscillating toothbrush, polishing system with interchangeable polishing cup head and enamel polishing paste, scaler and UVC sanitizer. The stylish components are stored on a convenient charging base. The kit even includes a sample packet of eco-friendly floss picks. izzo® has everything you need for a simple four-step dental routine, with a turnkey subscribe and save model to ensure you’re always replenished.

1. Start by attaching the advanced oscillating brush head to the power handle and set your brush speed to gentle, daily or ultra. The built-in timer will ensure you’re brushing for two minutes, giving you the perfect clean every time.

2. Eat or drink something that’s likely to discolor your enamel like coffee, red wine or blueberries? Switch the brush head for the polishing cup once per week and apply the enamel polishing paste to really make your teeth shine. This polishing system removes surface stains and soft plaque 73% better than advanced whitening toothpastes with 45% less abrasion on teeth.

3. Get into those tight nooks and crannies with the at-home scaler. Made from medical-grade polymers, the scaler is strong enough to remove soft plaque and food particles in between teeth and around your gum line yet flexible enough that it won’t scratch or hurt your gums when used as directed.

4. Ensure that you’re ready for the next time you brush by putting the brush head and polishing cup head in the UVC sanitizer. In just three minutes, the ultraviolet light kills 99.9% of germs like bacteria and viruses that may be lurking in the brush and polishing heads. No more kidding yourself that rinsing your brush for three seconds under the faucet makes it clean … because it doesn’t! The UVC case takes two hours to fully charge and holds its charge up to a month.

Bonus Step: Grab an izzo® eco-friendly, plant-based floss pick to finish off your routine.

Smile On!

“We are passionate about elevating oral care. It’s at the heart of our business. We believe oral health is a function of regular visits to your dentist and a great oral care routine in the home,” said Julie Charlestein, CEO and founder of izzo®, and CEO of Premier Dental. “Our revolutionary izzo® oral care system makes it possible for consumers to elevate their at-home dental routine to bring a healthy confidence and a bright smile for the other 360+ days they’re not at the dentist.”

Invest in your teeth, your health and your confidence. To learn more about the izzo® oral care system and other ways to improve your dental hygiene, visit