Louis’ Flower Power Shop set to open third location at The Summit this month

Rebecca Feigin

Flowers and plants bring fresh air and cheer to homes and gardens all year round, which is why Louis’ Flower Power Shop is opening its third satellite location after serving the Lexington community in two locations for the past 20 years.

Louis’ Flower Power Shop was started by Louie Hillenmeyer many years ago, but the reigns were passed down to business partner Beau Spicer Jr. in 2011. Since Spicer took over the flower dynasty with help from his wife, he has made some necessary changes, which mostly consist of the addition of technology.

“We stay true to the backbone. A lot of our employees stayed; we kept all of them. We’ve had employees for years,” Spicer said.

They created an interactive website as well as social media, which he likes to keep active. The main changes have focused on the business side of things.

Louis’ Flower Power Shop’s third location will be at the Summit at Fritz Farm, which is something that Spicer is very much looking forward to. Spicer is excited to bring his flowers and plants to a location that is family oriented, which is a feeling he prides himself on.

“Gardening is something that can be done as a family and brings the family together,” Spicer said.

To keep with the family-oriented feel, Spicer plans on holding classes at the garden center and has already held some at The Summit through partnership with Whole Foods, even though the center has yet to open. In the future, there will be adult classes that will discuss gardening over a glass of beer or wine as well as kids classes that are family friendly.

Customers can look forward to finding flowers and other products from local growers as well as high-end plants that are hard to find.

“We pride ourselves on carrying hard-to-find annuals, perennials, and more that other garden centers don’t carry because they’re not popular or easy to find,” Spicer said. “We strive to give those unique plants a home. Being able to carry things that are hard to find is what we strive for.”

Spicer said he is extremely excited to bring Louis’ Flower Power Shop to The Summit with the opening date set for Monday, Nov. 20. If you’re into flowers, gardening, and a welcoming atmosphere, this is a place you are not going to want to miss.