Euclid BurgerFi is the place to be


Burgerfi’s logo is branded into the top of each bun like a seal of approval. Burgerfi is located at the corner of Rose and Euclid on UK’s campus. Photo by Mark C. Walsh | Staff

Renisha Davis

BurgerFi is not your average fast food restaurant; it looks more like an upscale spot to grab a burger with some friends. The place has a very modern feel to it with digital menus, flat screen TVs, wooden and steel tables, and computerized soda dispensers. BurgerFi originated in Florida, but thanks to expansion, has made its way here to Lexington, Kentucky.

The menu has quite a few options ranging from burgers to custard. The traditional BurgerFi burger comes with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, BurgerFi sauce and optional bacon.

The size of the burger was beyond a normal fast food burger and the meat was tasty.

BurgerFi prides themselves on having antibiotic and hormone free beef. Each bun is branded with the BurgerFi logo, which adds extra personality to the meal. The buns were unbelievably soft and warm, and the toppings were all fresh. They also have quinoa patty veggie burgers and a breakfast burger with egg, bacon, hash brown and maple syrup.

If you aren’t in the mood for a burger, the menu also includes items such as hot dogs, hand cut fries and onion rings. A variety of choices for toppings are offered: salt and vinegar, parmesan and herbs, hot Cajun spices, cheese and chili.

The Vienna Beef hot dog was not the greatest for my taste, but it might be more down your alley. The hand cut fries and onion rings were tasty and crispy. The fries and onion rings are offered as a combo too, so, keep that in mind.

The cashier recommended trying the urban fries with Parmesan, herbs and aioli. The toppings were intertwined in the fries, which shows a level of care that most fast food restaurants lack when they pay more attention to fast and not enough to food. It was a truly amazing combination.

If you still have room after you’ve finished your meal, the desserts are awesome. The “Oh My Chocolate” is a popular choice; it’s a mix of chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, sprinkles and brownie bites. The consistency was creamy and thick, great for chocolate lovers. There are other flavors like red velvet and key lime pie as well. The custard cup was above average. You can get any topping you want out of two dozen with chocolate or vanilla custard.

The service was great. It seems evident that the employees are happy to work there, and their joy is translated through their work. After you order, you receive a beeper, however, it’s almost unneeded as my food arrived very soon thereafter.

BurgerFi provides an experience much above average than the alternatives in the area. Given the proportions and quality of the food, the prices were fair. It’s not the place to go if you’re looking for a quick bite that barely shows up in your bank transactions. That’s not its niche, but you wouldn’t be wasting money if you show up.