Get ready for a new tradition with Lexington Pizza Week



Shelby Klingerman

Lexington pizza Week, Nov. 6-12

Lexington Pizza Week, a Smiley Pete Publishing production, will run from Nov. 6 to Nov. 12 and will feature unique, off-menu slices and small pizzas at participating restaurants and markets. Every location will have one meat and one vegetarian pizza option for $5. 

The 2017 partners of Lexington Pizza Week include Smiley Pete Publishing, Park Community Credit Union and MOD Pizza. There are 21 restaurants to visit throughout the week, some with several locations participating. 

A Lexington Pizza Week 2017 Passport can be picked up at any participating location during the week. The passport includes locations, pizza names and descriptions. If you are able to collect three or more unique pizza stamps from different participating restaurants, you will get the opportunity to enter for a chance to win the Ultimate Pizza Party. The party will include pizza from a participating location for up to 24 guests. If you go above and beyond and collect over ten stamps, you have a chance to win free pizza for a year.

Passports can be submitted to any participating location or Smiley Pete Publishing by Wednesday, Nov. 15, and the drawings will be held on Monday, Nov. 20.

People who visit the locations throughout the week are expected to follow “The Commandments.” To view the list of commandments and the participating restaurants, visit their website. On the website, you will also find a breakdown of every pizza offered at all 21 restaurants participating in Lexington Pizza Week. 

Keep in mind that Lexington Pizza Week is dine-in only. Carry out is at the discretion of the individual participating location. If carry out is important to you, check before going.

Let the pizza eating commence.