Folk band Dawg Yawp to play at the Burl on Friday


Image provided by Sonny Bailey-Lemansky

Taylor Hubbard

Folk-based duo Dawg Yawp will be performing at The Burl on Friday, November 24. 

Tyler Randall and Rob Keenan of Cincinnati, the duo that make up Dawg Yawp, combines harmonies with sitar, guitar, and synth and drum.

The two musicians met backstage at a chorus concert in high school when Randall was playing mandolin. Since then, he has moved on to the sitar while Keenan plays the guitar.

Classic rock artists such as the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Miles Davis, and Rovi Shankar inspire them, as well as some heavy metal.  

“We love music so much that we just wanted to produce our own,” Randall said. “Since the beginning, we used this micro-cord synthesizer, a piano, profit 12 synthesize. We like to take samples from records and drum machines.”

When they met in high school, they said they started out acoustic. Then, they tried out being in an all-electronic band for awhile, but a couple years later they got back into acoustics and just incorporated the synthesizer.

“It started by listening to songs, wanting to play them ourselves, listening to other people’s songs, then when we started writing our own songs to be able to play them together,” Keenan said.

Dawg Yawp has released one EP and one full-length album. The LP, Dawg Yawp, was released in October 2016. 

“To keep writing more songs, that’s all we really want,” Keenan said. 

This is their first tour. They’ve been on the east coast, went down south and are coming back to the Midwest.

Doors are at 8 p.m. on Friday and the show starts at 9 p.m. The event is 18+ and tickets can be bought at the door.