Pigg’s Playlist: Math Rock

“I’m never going to use this in real life,” I say, on just about every math class I’ve ever had to take.

Fast forward a few years and I’m always using math, well, kinda.

Math rock is one of the best and most underrated genres. The complex tunes will captivate you like nothing else. The irregular time signatures, creating what should be a chaotic mess, ends up being a dream for your ears. It’s unpredictable, unlike most music you hear on the radio these days.

Some bands, like Traindodge, even have songs that have so many changes you would swear you had listened to three songs, but actually only made your way through one track. Each change is kind of like a plot twist in a film, except you’re shocked in the best way possible. It’s intriguing, and you don’t know what happens next because you weren’t expecting anything like that to happen.

Shiner is simply incendiary. You can’t be a math rock fan and not listen to Shiner. Kentucky native, Allen Epley, has a voice you thought you could only dream into existence. Combine his vocals with the stellar math rock beats, and you have yourself the ultimate math rock dream team.

Math Rock Recommendations:

  1. Gutshot and the jogger, Giants Chair
  2. Nosferatu Man, Slint
  3. The winter will be burried alive, Traindodge
  4. Dine alone, quicksand
  5. My life as a housewife, Shiner
  6. Antebellum, Shipping News