Prepare for airport security when traveling with fraternity brothers or sorority sisters

Matt Hasty

People who do not enjoy someone feeling their body up and having their luggage askew will feel violated because of TSA after going through an airport.

The official reason TSA exists is to stop terrorism before people board flights. A couple of weekends ago, six of my fellow fraternity brothers and I flew from the Cincinnati airport to Dallas, Texas. We went to a leadership conference in Denton, Texas, that all future officers and delegates must attend to be trained in their leadership positions. I had never flown before in an airport before, so the whole experience was mentally taxing.

The most stressful part was going through the TSA. This week, I am going to devote my article to provide tips to not only fraternity members, but the whole student body in general. I hope that these tips will prepare future first-time flyers for the inevitable chaos that is the TSA.

• The TSA requires that toiletries such as deodorant, cologne and perfume, soaps and other liquids follow the 3-1-1 rule, which is that every item must be 3.4 ounces or less. Everything must fit in 1 one-quart bag.

• You must also take your belts and shoes off when you go through TSA to scan for explosives and other lethal things.

• Any electronics larger than a cell phone, such as a laptop or a tablet, must be taken out of the luggage and put in a separate bin.

• Jackets and coats must also be taken off and placed in a bin. It can be the same bin that you put your shoes in.

• You can do the TSA Pre-Check ahead of time. This will save you the headache of going through your stuff on the day of your flight.

• Don’t be creeped out when the TSA agent starts feeling you up. They are just checking for explosives, weapons, and drugs that you could possibly have on your person.

It also helps to be at the gate of your flight at least 45 minutes before the time your plane departs. Flights often start boarding early and boarding is usually done in groups, so depending on what group you are in, you could be in the plane earlier than when the plane takes off.

You also will need to bring something to do while you are on your flight. Flights usually have Wi-Fi, but it is usually of poor quality. So bring a book aboard, a portable gaming system such as a Nintendo DS or a PlayStation Portable, or do some knitting. The important thing is you shouldn’t be bored while flying.

Finally, to make your hours-long flight more comfortable, you should bring a small pillow or cushion to lay in your seat.

With these tips, you won’t be that person at the airport that everyone hates.

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