The left is throwing rocks in a glass house when it comes to sexual assault

Saadia Akhtar

In the past few weeks, a number of allegations of sexual assault have come out against prominent celebrities and politicians– most notably, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Roy Moore. The last person is especially concerning because Moore is currently running for a Senate seat in Alabama’s special Senate election, as a Republican.

Many women have come out against him with sexual assault allegations and even giving narratives of him dating underage women. Unfortunately, the GOP response has been slow, but more recently, many Republicans have said if the allegations are true, he should step down. 

The left is having a field day with this. After all, with the Republican Party President Donald Trump also being alleged of sexual assault, what else was to be expected from the Republican party? The left needs to step down from its high horse. We have a huge problem of our own: Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton has been accused of rape and sexual assault by numerous women. Yet, if the left takes Trump’s and Roy Moore’s accusers seriously, why not take Clinton’s as well? Obviously, yes, Clinton is not currently president or running for a governmental position, but does that mean his crimes should go ignored? Should the women Clinton abused not obtain justice as well?

We as liberals cannot call out the crimes of those in the Republican party while ignoring those exact same crimes within our own party. It delegitimizes our argument and, more importantly, makes us hypocrites. Assault victims, regardless of gender and political affiliation, deserve justice. If we want to make our society safer for everyone, we have to prosecute everyone equally, no matter the personal or reputational cost to our party.

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