Get your ice cream fix at The Summit


The Strawberry Balsamic Sunday is offered as an option on Crank and Boom’s menu, which is one of the many stalls located in The Barn at Fritz Farm. The Barn is one of Kentucky’s first food halls and shows many small restaurant concepts that are all dedicated to Kentucky traditions. Photos taken at The Barn media day on Friday, September 15, 2017 in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Arden Barnes | Staff

Rebecca Feigin

Crank and Boom Ice Cream is one of eight local businesses to make up the food hall, The Barn, at The Summit. The Barn is full of local artisanal food options, which makes it stand out from typical mall food courts.

Crank and Boom has been gracing Lexington with delicious, gelato-like ice cream since 2013. In the past four years, they have gone from serving their ice cream at Thursday Night Live to having two ice cream shops in Lexington. The Barn holds their second Crank and Boom location.

“The opportunity came up and we were really excited about having an all local food hall and we knew we had to be a part of it,” Tao Green, owner of Crank and Boom, shares.

Green loves that The Barn brings so many local entrepreneurs together under one roof. The environment at The Barn gives these local entrepreneurs the ability to cheer their food friends on when they succeed as well as help one another out when they need a hand.

To go along with the family feel of The Barn, during the holiday season, it is going to be lit up with lights and Santa will even be paying a visit.

“It’s going to be very magical,” Green shares.

Crank and Boom’s first Ice Cream Lounge opened up in the Distillery District in 2015 where their specialty is spiked scoops. The Barn’s Crank and Boom location does not include alcohol, but Green made it clear that the reason for that is because the bar Whiskey Bear is also located in The Barn.

“Something special about The Summit is that you can actually get a drink at Whiskey Bear and take it around The Barn as well as around the shopping center. So, you can drink and shop at the same time,” Green shares.

Crank and Boom’s Fall flavors have rolled out including cinnamon, pumpkin, pumpkin pie and spice cookie. So be sure to head over to The Summit to check out The Barn and give a Fall flavor a try.