Where to go when you’re scrambling for last-minute Christmas gifts


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Matt Hasty

Christmas is a joyous season for everyone. People give others gifts and to display their care for you. This is no different for fraternity brothers. 

On Thursday of Finals Week, my fraternity big brother Jacob Oliver gave me an everlasting gift, one that is meant to be shared with others: a student study ESV Bible.

At first I was shocked to have received a Bible for Christmas, as I have never received one during the Christmas season before. It was only through further soul pondering that I realized the true implications of the gift Jacob was giving me. He was giving me the love only God can provide and the love Jacob believed I truly deserved.

The tradition of giving gifts to your big or little brother is usually only done at the beginning of the semester, not the end. However, if your big or little is simultaneously one of your best friends, they might give you something for Christmas.

It’s special because college students usually don’t have much money, if any, to buy gifts for their friends.

Here are some cost-friendly places you can buy gifts for any friend:


Wal-Mart is a good place to buy a gift. There is a wide array of things you can choose from, from pocket knives, to flasks, or just a good smelling bottle of cologne. After wandering around Wal-Mart for a while, you’ll definitely think of something to buy your big or little. It becomes easier if you know what they like.


On Amazon, there is a limitless collection of things to choose from.  You could get literally anything on there. If your little or big is an outdoors person, you could get them a hunting knife or a durable thermos to take along outside. If they are avid readers, you could search for their favorite book to order.

Barnes and Noble

Looping around back to the topic of books, Barnes and Noble offers some great deals on books. You could also buy board and card games at Barnes and Noble,  too. A personal favorite card game of mine that is guaranteed to get a room of people laughing is Cards Against Humanity. It has raunchy, adult themes, but it is a laugh-inducing game.

With these places, you can show the love you have for your friend and save a little money at the same time.

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