Online pledge drive educates students on recycling


UK’s recycling bins are littered throughout campus.

Ronak Patel

UK is doing its part to help the environment with a week-long online pledge drive. 

Bluegrass Greensource has partnered with UK to help get students to educate themselves about what is recyclable and what is not. 

“Students can take pictures with the hashtag #recycleblue and, by doing that, they will get a free t-shirt,” said Ashley E. Bryant Cheney, program specialist at Bluegrass Greensource. 

Cheney said this is a great use of technology and social media to get awareness out.

Bluegrass Greensource also works with local communities, waste audits and workshops to work with local partners and organizations to help build a greener Bluegrass. 

“Talking to my fellow students through the office of recycling or just in general, a lot of students don’t know what is or isn’t recyclable even though there are signs around campus,” said Cassidy Odom, a UK senior and waste reduction intern at the recycling office.

Odom said that UK is taking a step in the right direction by helping the environment and having an eco-friendly campus for its students.

Pledge drives like #recycleblue are making a difference in the state economy, Odom said. Kentucky collects the recyclable items and sells them to companies rather than sending the waste straight to the landfill.