Pigg’s Playlist: Stranger Things

Kayla Pigg

The whole world seems to be watching and falling head over heels for Stranger Things. Its surprising breakout star, the bad boy turned good everyone adores, Steve Harrington a.k.a. Joe Keery has some hidden talents you probably haven’t heard of. Disclaimer: It doesn’t involve his hair, or Farrah Fawcett hairspray.

While we all know Keery can make a million gals faint with a hair flip, we didn’t know he was a rock star too! Keery plays guitar in the alternative indie band Post Animal. The tunes are comparable to that of Tame Impala, and are probably the best undiscovered treasure since the Goonies discovered the lost treasure of One Eyed Willy.

Keery is currently on hiatus from the band due to obligations from Stranger Things (can we blame him?), though he plans to go back and pursue his career as a rock god as soon as he can. In the meantime, here’s some of their best tunes to imagine yourself rocking out with Keery:

When I Get Home, Post Animal

You Were Not There, Post Animal

Big Boy Smack, Post Animal

Alabaster, Post Animal

Special Moment, Post Animal

Caught In The Trap, Post Animal

Violet, Post Animal

Goggles, Post Animal

Eel, Post Animal

Lonely Jones, Post Animal

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