Warm up winter festivities with kiwi



Belle Kendrick

With the cold weather settling in, finding delectable fruits that are in season is difficult to do. While many fruits are exiting the produce section, kiwi is staying right where it usually is.

Containing more Vitamin C than oranges, kiwi provides your body with benefits to your immune system and hold many antioxidants. Especially because there aren’t as many fruits in season as usual, kiwi is a perfect option for anyone to get their sweet taste of summer.

Kiwi is indisputably a superfood because of the rich nutrients it holds in a 42-calorie snack. The antioxidants in kiwi help renovate and preserve numerous systems throughout your body.

One of the best aspects of fruit is that it satisfies your sweet tooth, and kiwis are perfect to do this just for your body because they are also fat-free.

With the stress of the holidays, the last thing people want to do is worry about their skin, but while consuming kiwi, you are helping both the inside and outside of your body. Kiwi provides collagen, a protein that maintains the skin and muscles, to your body, which helps your overall health as you begin to age and your Vitamin C levels begin to deter.

Katie Ellis, a human nutrition major, has studied many of the benefits of different fruits, including kiwi.

“Kiwi is a superfood that provides key nutrients to your body,” Ellis said. “One of the best things about kiwi is that it’s good in both the summer and winter, so you can enjoy it all year.”

Kiwi is an underrated fruit that deserves to be recognized for the amazing benefits it holds for your body. Along with providing nutrients to help your skin and muscles, kiwis hold vitamin K, which is used to provide calcium to your bones. 

While we are in the winter blues, it’s important to keep feeding your body the nutrients it needs to keep going. Kiwis provide benefits to your body that many other foods lack, and it will give you a little taste of summer in every bite too.

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