Pigg’s Playlist: Chill out and destress with these mellow tunes


Kayla Pigg, Kernel columnist, rocks out on a red guitar. 

Kayla Pigg

On the list of top ten things I hate the most, coming back to school after the holidays has always ranked pretty high. It may rank somewhere along the lines of job interviews, airport security and awkward first dates.

If you’ve noticed a pattern here, you’re on the right track. All of these situations are always stressful.

Stress is the worst. If we could only all live our lives as chilled out as Jay and Silent Bob all the time. These are unrealistic life expectations though, so it’s best that we stick with it and earn our degrees.

If coming back to school after an epic break stresses you out as much as me, you’re probably in need of a pick me up. So, I’m here with the ultimate mellow playlist to help soothe your soul back into the swing of things:

Loving is easy, Rex Orange County

Tangerine, Beach Fossils

Coffee and TV, Blur

Amor Fati, Washed Out

Me and Julio Down By the School Yard, Paul Simon

Sunflower, Rex Orange County

There She Goes, The La’s

Something Here, Day Wave

Darling, Real Estate

Gabrielle, Ween

Saturday, Real Estate

Come Home Now, Day Wave