Eggs are a nutritious way to start your day

Belle Kendrick

It’s time to discuss the most underrated superfood of all time—eggs. Because eggs contain little bits of required nutrients that we need in order to properly function, they are a perfect and inexpensive food to add to your everyday diet.

Being a college student, finding cheap but nutritious foods to fulfill you are hard to come by, but not surprisingly eggs are an easy way to give you a cheap health kick. Instead of busting your wallet at the grocery, you can buy bunches of eggs for a small amount of money, and they are always in stock.

As many people know, eggs are a great way to start off your day no matter what way you prepare them. Eggs are an amazing way to get your nutrients because they contain high quality protein. Aside from being a great source of protein, eggs contain Vitamin A, B5, B12 and B2 which boost your digestive and immune system.

Although eggs are high in cholesterol, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re unhealthy for you. Included in eggs is a type of cholesterol, known as “the good” cholesterol. This type is proven to lower risk of heart disease, stroke and other health problems people may obtain.

Claire Wilhite, a Nutrition Major at UK, said adding eggs to your everyday meals can have a lot of benefits.

“Eggs are one of the best ways to get the nutrients your body needs to take on the day,” Wilhite said. “I add one egg to my breakfast every morning, and it gives me a boost for the entire day.”

If you need a boost of energy in the morning, or an afternoon pick me up later in the day, eggs are an amazing way to add energy to your diet. The high quality protein contained in eggs are important to the overall function of the body.

When you need a little bite to eat to prepare you for your workout for the day, eating an egg is a great way to add energy and will further enhance your everyday routine. There’s nothing easier than cooking an egg for at least one of your meals to help you get the nutrients you need to function throughout your day.

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