Underground UK: Don’t ‘weight’ to get in shape


Ellipticals in the Johnson Center help create energy to cut down on electricity costs. .Photo by Emily Wuetcher

Megan Brown

According to Business Insider, 80 percent of New Year’s Resolutions are broken within the first six weeks of the New Year. One of the most common of these is getting in shape, but over time loses its appeal as people get busier and lack motivation. However, achieving this goal which is unattainable to most is easier as a student at UK.

One of the best resources for students to take advantage of during their time at UK is the Johnson Center. A gym membership off campus can break student’s already tight budgets and is unnecessary when the JC has first class amenities such as a climbing wall, basketball court, weight machines and a jogging track. The fitness complex also hosts free classes geared toward wellness such as yoga in the mornings, cycling, Zumba and a cardio class based around hip hop.

Additionally, students can join one of 38 intermural teams to meet friends and stay accountable in their fitness journey. These teams compete against other intermural teams once a week and registration closes on Jan. 24. Registration can be completed online at https://recwellservices.uky.edu/FusionIM.

For students living on North Campus, the commute to the JC may be more time consuming then the actual workout itself. Those who are willing to spend a few extra dollars a month can purchase a discounted YMCA membership with their student ID. Students will receive a citywide membership for 30 dollars a month, which allows them access to all Y facilities in Lexington. The Y has similar amenities to the JC as well as classes, but it is located downtown, making it more accessible for students living on North Campus. There is also normally a 50 dollar joining fee for new members but the fee is waived until Jan. 31.

If students are looking to find more creative workout options around Lexington, Sora Ariel Arts provides budget friendly classes as alternatives to usual workouts. Sora is the spirit, energy and power of a person’s body and their classes encompass all these elements to provide participants with a full body experience. Classes range from 15 to 35 dollars and include trapeze, aerial hoops, aerial silks, aerial yoga and even a pole class. You can experience these highs for yourself by attending one of the classes.

Finally, if you would like to get in shape but don’t have a starting point, just start in your dorm room. Low intensity workouts have been proven to be effective in burning calories and can be completed within the comfort of student’s dorms. For example, put your hundred dollar textbooks to good use and use it for push-ups or plank workouts. This time of year workout programs and DVD’s are discounted so students can also purchase these to use if they have a TV in their dorms.

Don’t weight to get in shape. This year end the cycle of breaking your resolution and keep working out throughout 2018.