UK Choristers take audience to Broadway with renditions of classic hits


UK Choristers took to the stage on Feb. 18 to perform “Night On Broadway,” a showcase of classic musical hits. 

Noah Oldham

UK students danced, sang and performed Broadway hits to a full house on Saturday.

The UK Choristers performed “A Night on Broadway,” which showcased hits from both new and old musicals, ranging from “Blow, Gabriel, Blow” from the 1934 classic “Anything Goes,” to “Journey to the Past” from the 2016 hit “Anastasia.” The production featured large ensemble numbers as well as solo performances.  The show received a standing ovation from the audience.

“It was exactly what I dreamed it would be,” said Elizabeth L. Wilson, director of the show. “I loved their energy in ‘Blow, Gabriel, Blow’… and I thought all the soloists completely brought up their game tonight, too.”

“It was really cool how everyone came together,” said first-year Chorister Annelise Meador, an integrated strategic communication sophomore. She was one of the few singers to perform a solo and sang “Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad,” from 2009’s “Bonnie & Clyde.”

“I got goosebumps 20 times in one song,” said audience member Sarah Ross, a leadership and community development freshman.

Ross was especially happy to hear “For Good,” from 2003’s massive hit, “Wicked,” which she said was the first show she ever saw. The song was performed by the women of the UK Choristers, with Hannah Thornsberry and Taylor Wells singing solo parts.

The performance opened with the ensemble singing “There’s No Business Like Show Business,” from 1946’s “Annie Get Your Gun,” and concluded with the ensemble singing “You Will Be Found” from 2015’s “Dear Evan Hansen.”

The road to the performance wasn’t always easy, Wilson said.

“We put the whole thing up in about six weeks’ time,” she said. “We had snow days, people had been sick, we had six principal players from tonight that either had the flu, strep or laryngitis in the past two weeks.”

Despite these setbacks, the cast pushed through to deliver a dazzling performance. Now, Wilson said she is excited to move forward and prepare for the group’s next concert in late March, when the Choristers and UK Choral will take the stage together.