Want to be an activist? Here’s a chance to get started today


Photo provided by Facing Change Week staff.

Sarah Ladd

Bias Incident Support Services is presenting an Activism & Advocacy Fair to provide students with the resources to become more involved members of society.

The fair, which will take place on Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Whitehall Plaza, closes out Facing Change Week, a weeklong event designed to promote cultural and diversity awareness, inclusivity and introspection.

The fair provides the opportunity for UK students, staff and faculty to connect with on and off-campus groups and organizations engaging in diversity and social justice issues.

Some of the groups scheduled to be at the fair are Social Justice Advocacy Group, Wildcats for H.O.M.E.S, Community Farm Alliance, Pride Community Services Organization and Hope Center Recovery Program for Men.

“Taking action is often the most difficult part of addressing social, economic, and environmental problems and the challenges and polarity that can come with living in a diverse global society,” said Jamari Michael White, a Social Justice Educator with UK Bias Incident Support Services.

“Many people are concerned about the condition of our society, about relations between human beings, but they are unsure about what to do and are nervous about taking the ‘wrong’ action,” White said. 

White said the fair will help the UK community plug into existing advocacy groups and pave the way for future involvement. By connecting people with similar interests and exposing them to opportunities around them, activism becomes a tangible possibility.

The Activism & Advocacy Fair is presented by Bias Incident Support Services in partnership with the College of Social Work. In the event of rain, it will be held in the Whitehall lobby. The Activism & Advocacy Fair will be catered by Athenian Grill.