The fate of UK’s temporary buildings: more parking, green spaces


The temporary bookstore on Lexington Avenue is dismantled. Photo by Sophia Clarke

Sophia Clarke

A familiar sight for UK students this school year has been white, tent-like, temporary buildings that contain the UK staples like Bowman’s Den and the University Bookstore.

These interim buildings were put in place during the construction of the new Student Center on Avenue of Champions, but now they are coming down.

Following the opening of the new Barnes and Noble college bookstore in the Student Center this past week, the removal of the temporary Lexington Avenue location began almost immediately.

“We anticipate some additional parking to be utilized for the old spot, but are still working through those issues,” UK spokesman Jay Blanton said of the space where the temporary book tent sat.

He added that it could result in an expansion of 61 parking spaces in the pre-existing employee lot located behind Memorial Coliseum.

As for Bowman’s Den, the building will will come down once the restaurants and UK Federal Credit Union move into the student center.

According to other UK officials, Bowman’s Den will become a green space.