From Wildcat to Warner Bros: alumnus works on new TV show


Luke Reedy, a 2013 UK graduate, manages post-production for ABC’s new show, “Deception.”

A UK alumnus has taken his media production talents from Lexington to Los Angeles. Luke Reedy, a 2013 media arts and studies graduate, made a name for himself that can be seen on any TV screen.

Currently, Reedy is managing post-production on the ABC show “Deception.” The show is about a magician who joins the FBI and catches criminals using his magic tricks. Reedy has also had a hand in TNT shows “Claws” and “Rizzoli & Isle,” the pilot for “Training Day” on CBS, ESPN Sport Science and a few other short-lived shows.

Reedy is a post-production coordinator for Warner Bros. He works with a number of actors and agents to schedule dialogue re-recordings, he makes sure cuts get delivered in a timely manner and he works with production to help with any requests about daily footage.

“I love the entire process from making a show,” Reedy said. “Being in post-production you get to be a part of the entire project. Starting with a script and working until you have a final video.”

Reedy’s love for production was a passion dating back even further than his days at UK. While a sophomore in high school, Reedy took a video production class. He loved it so much that he re-enrolled in the course until he graduated.

This love heavily influenced his college choice, making him choose UK because he “thought it would be fun to edit video for a big sports team.” To Reedy, it was obvious to major in media arts and studies.

One of Reedy’s professors, John Clark, remembers Reedy as “hardworking and diligent.” Clark taught three of Reedy’s classes and was his academic advisor. The classes Reedy took all helped to advance his future career goals. Based on this, Clark said he wasn’t surprised by Reedy’s current success.

“I knew what he planned to do because he was pretty sure of it himself. So, he made it happen,” Clark said. “That’s the way it’s supposed to work. I’m always glad and proud of our students’ success.”

Besides his major classes, Reedy also worked for Wildcat Student TV and interned at UK Sports Video. UK allowed Reedy to collaborate closely with others on projects, something he believes translates well in the real world.

There’s one lesson Reedy learned at UK that still resonates with him today in LA, and he gives the same advice for anyone looking at the same career path.

“Get involved as much as you can,” Reedy said. “Network! Tell everyone what you want to do and what your goals are. You never know who you will run across.”