One Day for UK raises $35,000 for the Kernel


Sophia Shoemaker

The 2022 One Day for UK event was held on April 21. It is the university’s annual giving day, where for 24 hours, donors can support different colleges. 

Across the entire university, $2,041,622 was raised from 2,535 donors. The College of Communication and Information raised $35,190 from 202 donors, the second most donors. The College of Engineering had the most donors at 478, winning it a $1,000 prize. 

This year, donations to the College of CI will go to the Kernel. 

“Your gift on One Day for UK helps maintain the high-quality journalism expected from the Kentucky Kernel and its associated publications, while supporting our students and providing opportunities and equipment that will keep the Kentucky Kernel among the nation’s elite collegiate newspapers,” the College of CI’s One Day for UK website said. 

If donors missed the event, they are still able to make donations to the college of their choice on the website.