Budget proposal includes language that could reduce tenure protection


Kentucky’s General Assembly meets in the Capitol building in Frankfort, Kentucky. On Monday, April 2, 2018, the legislature discussed the new budget proposal. 

News Staff

Under the Kentucky budget proposal, university leaders may reduce tenured faculty if universities are downsizing due to budget cuts, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader and Courier Journal

Universities could fire tenured faculty if programs are being modified or eliminated because of financial issues.

According to the Herald-Leader, the Senate budget section concerning tenured faculty ended with this line: “The provisions of this section supersede any and all policies governing the faculty employment approved by a Board of Regents or Board of Trustees.”

On Monday morning, the Republicans in the House and Senate revealed the budget, which restores funding “to many of the most controversial areas of the budget,” the Herald-Leader reported.

While the tax reform is not yet available to the public, the Herald-Leader reported that it cuts the individual and corporate tax rates to a flat 5 percent.

Tax increases come in areas such as veterinary care for small animals, janitorial services, automobile repairs, fitness centers, golfing and bowling, according to the Herald-Leader and Courier Journal.

The plan also includes raising the cigarette tax from 60 cents per tax to $1.10 per pack.

The Courier Journal reported that the tax and budget measures were passed by the conference committee and are expected to be passed in the House. The Senate voted on the bill Monday afternoon and it passed with a 20 to 18 vote. 

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