E3 Rundown – Should we be optimistic about the video game industry?

Dalton Stokes

From the 12th to the 14th gamers, everyone has turned their focus to the world’s biggest gaming conference and expo known as E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, where video game lovers, players and designers come together in one place to unveil the best and brightest upcoming games.

The three major gaming companies, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo each had their own separate press conferences and each one had absolutely epic titles.

Microsoft showcased 50 new games with 18 exclusives and 15 world premieres. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, while on stage, recognized that Xbox has fallen a little bit behind with the titles that they bring to their console. To make up for this, Xbox has announced an all new developer studio, “The Initiative,” which is a studio dedicated to creating new franchises and new game series.

They also announced their acquisition of four other developing companies, including the creators of the State of Decay franchise Undead Labs, and the creators of Forza Motorsports Playground Studios.

Microsoft showcased a plethora of promising exclusives, such as their newest Halo title, Halo Infinite, Crackdown 3, Forza Horizon 4 and Gears of War 5.

In Sony’s press release, they feature their extremely heavy hitting titles such as Spiderman, which features open world gameplay and a seemingly captivating story and cinematic element, and the Last of Us 2, which is the sequel to one of the greatest games ever made.

Both Sony and Microsoft will be sharing many exciting titles as well. Dying Light 2 was announced at E3 and guarantees a truly unique experience to every single gamer. They took the award-winning gameplay and expanded it into a larger world with a multitude of decision making instances that change the post-apocalyptic world around the player.

They will also be sharing an excitingly strange title called CyberPunk 2077, which takes place in a possible future, decades from now, where the fictional Night City is consumed with crime fueled by cybernetically enhanced individuals.

Xbox and PlayStation have also both announced that they are in the early stages of developing the next generation of consoles, though both say that this is at least three years out.

Game Developers, Bethesda, creators of the Elder Scrolls franchise and creator of the Fallout Franchise since Fallout 3, had their own press conference that has been explosive in its public response. Bethesda announced Fallout 76, which brings Fallout fans and Massively Multiplayer Online fans alike into the immersive world of the Wasteland.

This game will be different from all other Fallout games because it will be an MMO game taking place in the Capital wasteland and the rolling hills of Virginia. Little definitive information exists about this game, but it seems to be based around forming communities with several other players and fighting to create the dominant community.

Bethesda also announced the sixth installment to the Elder Scrolls franchise along with a short teaser trailer showing some topography of the newest area that Elder Scrolls will visit. Another announcement included an all new Sci-Fi based RPG franchise, Starfield.

These are only a few of the titles announced at E3, but just hinging on the information of these new titles, I am very optimistic about the coming years of gaming. The gaming industry most certainly has not been at its peak for the past few years and, admittedly, this generation of consoles has been lackluster at times, but from the blockbuster titles announced at E3 I think the final years of this generation of consoles will turn out very well.