Meet Lexington’s newest public transportation system


Lextran announced last week that Spin bicycles will be able to be rented around the city by anyone with the Spin app on their phone. Photo by Rick Childress | Staff

Kernel News Staff

Beginning Monday, people on the streets of Lexington will have the option to hop on a new set of wheels for just $1.

Bright orange bicycles with 26-inch wheels, which now dot the streets of downtown Lexington, can be rented by anyone with the Spin app  on their smart phone, Lextran announced last week. 

Spin provides our community with dockless bike-share options to get you where you need to go,” Lextran’s release said

The bikes are locked by a solar-powered lock system on the back wheel. Paying to rent the bike through the app will unlock the bike, allowing the user to take it where they please.

Since the bike is “dockless” it can be parked anywhere, but Lextran recommends that the bikes be parked near their stops or offices. By riding and parking the bikes in designated areas, users can earn credits for future rides.  

Users can find the nearest bike via the Spin app. Those who don’t have a smart phone but wish to rent a bike will be able to purchase ride vouchers at the Customer Service Window of the Transit Center.