Go to class, do your homework. You may lose financial aid if you don’t.


Students make their way across paths in front of Whitehall building on Wednesday, August 24, 2015. Photo by Marcus Dorsey

Cathryn Perini

Students can now lose their financial aid for not attending or being engaged in classes.

In compliance with a new federal regulation, educators are required to report students who are not attending class, not participating or not engaging, which will result in loss of financial aid for the student. They will also be forced to drop the class.

“Federal regulation mandates that federal financial aid funds (Title IV) may only be disbursed to students who are actually enrolled and engaged in coursework,” according to the Provost’s Office.

Starting after the add/drop period, a one-time recording of attendance and participation must be recorded in MyUK Faculty Services. The monitoring period is from Aug. 29 to Sept. 5. Instructors will begin reporting on Sept. 6 and will end Sept. 12.

Students who received financial aid prior to this period for the semester may have an adjustment in aid or may have to pay back any aid if they are dropped from a class for not attending.

Attendance and engagement means different things for different types of classes. Traditional classes can verify attendance, a quiz, homework or an assignment for reporting purposes. Online classes can do so through an online assignment. Simply logging into the online class will not count. Independent study courses require a documented interaction between professor and student. Research and residency courses require participation in a lab. Lab classes also count and should require an online submission or orientation before or during the reporting people.

“The federal government requires that at the start of each semester we establish that students are attending, participating or engaged in the classes for which they are registered. Federal Student Aid funds cannot be disbursed without the University confirming that recipients have begun attendance,” said Jay Blanton, UK spokesperson.

If necessary, a student will have to drop a class because of lack of attendance or engagement, but this will not appear on their transcript. They will not receive funds for the dropped credit hours.

If a student is dropped from a class and becomes a part-time student, financial aid to that student will be reduced.

Professors only have to verify attendance/engagement once, which can be any time during the reporting period. If a student misses a class in which a professor is collecting an assignment or verifying attendance but was previously engaged and active in class, the professor may count them as engaged.

If all students are attending class during this period, professors may mark one specific place on the roll. It is suggested that faculty notify their students. Students may find this information in their syllabi.  

A student who is unfairly affected by the new policy can seek help through the Tuition Appeals Process at this website