Where on campus to go when you need a good cry


Kernel Opinion SIG

Saadia Akhtar

As midterms approach and we start counting down the days until the semester ends, we sometimes need to schedule a good cry. Western Kentucky University’s “Talisman” published a humorous story in September entitled “The best places to cry on campus” in which they lightheartedly joked about the stress college can bring. Following that example, I would like to share with you the best places to cry around UK’s campus.

1. Rotunda of Willy T.

The perfect acoustic setting for a nice cry session. You’re right in the middle of the library and everyone can see what a mess you are. Don’t worry: Everyone else is a mess, too.

2. Bathrooms of Chem-Phys

Many of the bathrooms of Chem-Phys have showers, so you can dramatically cry while you shower, or just so you can get a little privacy.

3. Rose Street Walkway

Lying down in the middle of a road normally isn’t a good idea, but since construction always seems to be happening there, you don’t need to worry about getting run over.

4. Roof of the Rose Street Parking Structure (preferably at sunset)

The views from the roof are phenomenal and watching the sunset from there, even more so. If you’re going to cry anyway, at least you’ll have a view, right?

5. Third floor of JSB, behind a study room, with the comfortable seats that have built-in chargers

Jacobs Science Building is the perfect place to cry after failing your chemistry exam. There are so many little nooks with seating areas, so you have the perfect amount of privacy, not to mention the seats have built in chargers, so you can play on your phone for as long as you want.

6. Bowman’s Statue

Bowman is an ICON. So many people come here to take pictures, especially a lot of incoming freshmen. Do them a service by crying on Bowman, to prepare them for how stressful college will be.

7. Basement of Whitehall

I don’t how many of you have been in the basement of Whitehall, but it is creepy. If you want to cry somewhere, but also have a desire to be murdered by a serial killer, this is the ideal place.

8. The balcony near the Auntie Anne’s in the Gatton Student Center

Get some fresh air and take advantage of the nice, new student center during your cry fest. And crying works up an appetite, so once you’re done, you can get a warm pretzel.

9. In front of the president’s house

Maxwell Place is conveniently located on campus and the grounds are accessible to students. Besides a nice garden, there are some benches to sit on as well.

10. Counseling Center

In all seriousness, college can be stressful. If you need someone to talk to or someone to cry with, make an appointment with the Counseling Center in Frazee Hall.