Student-brought alcohol now banned in UK tailgate zone; Pivot Brewing to sell beer


Students play corn hole at the student tailgate at the Johnson Center Field before the game against Mississippi State on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018, in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Jordan Prather | Staff

Rick Childress

UK students can no longer bring alcohol into the student Gameday Zone, a campus-wide email stated Thursday. Instead, UK has brought in a third-party vendor to serve beer and cider to students older than 21.

According to the email, starting this Saturday students will not be allowed to enter the zone with their own beer or coolers. Backpacks are also prohibited. Previously, of-age students could bring six, 12-ounce cans of beer or equivalent in spirits into the zone.

The Gameday Zone, a fenced-in tailgating zone specifically for UK students, was introduced this fall to help UK try to change student tailgate culture and better enforce its alcohol policy by pushing student tailgating into an enclosed and more easily monitored setting.

Pivot Brewing, a local brewery located on Delaware Avenue, will serve of-age students and guests 12-ounce cups of beer and cider in a sectioned off portion of the tailgate. Each beer will cost $3.50 and patrons may only purchase one beverage at a time. 

“Pivot Brewing bartenders will check IDs,” the email stated.

Drew Smith, the Assistant Provost for Health and Wellness, told the Kernel in August that one of the goals of the new student tailgating zone is to help keep students from binge-drinking or drinking in ways that might be harmful.

“We intend to utilize this format for the remaining three home games this season,” the email read. “We will continue to gather feedback from you. We will convene following the season and, in consultation with students, make decisions about changes we can make for next year to improve the experience.”