Underground Perspective’s Roll Call event brings the 2000s to the rink


Underground Perspective hosted a Roll Call event, where students could roller skate at Champs Entertainment Complex on Oct. 28, 2018, in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Natalie Harrington

Just down the road from a sleepy campus, UK students were wide awake and taking a spin on the roller rink Sunday night. Several spins, in fact.

The event was hosted by student-led organization Underground Perspective, a club with a mission to “build a social community through diversity.” 

UGP rented out the roller rink at Champs Entertainment Complex from 9 p.m. to midnight on Oct. 28 for the 2000s-themed event. Guests paid $10 for admittance and rented roller skates.

DJ Warren Peace worked the turntables and at one point even joined the crowds to show off his skills. Students too were showing off tricks, skating backwards or holding each other’s hands in the classic pair skate form normally reserved for the Winter Olympics. Traffic was heavy, but more advanced skaters danced smoothly through narrow gaps in the crowd.

While the event was open to all university students 18-plus with $10 and a college ID, it seemed to draw a large crowd of impressive skaters, with few stumbling to hold on to the wall.

UGP released a promo for the event on Oct. 22 themed to MTV’s defunct 2000s series “Silent Library” in which members of UGP flipped cards Survival-style to determine which unlucky member would have to complete a challenge and remain totally silent as they go through the library. Contestant Eli was forced to skate through Willy T on one skate before tripping and landing on his back. He managed to stay silent, however, and won a ticket to Roll Call.

This event was the third of its kind hosted by Underground Perspective, and there was general glee at its return.

Recent member of UGP Shemere Turner, a pre-med junior majoring in biology, has been to all three Roll Calls and looks forward to those in the future. 

“As a kid, I loved skating and most of my friend group is in UGP. So to be doing something that I love with the people I love always made me want to go. I also love the music that is played,” Turner said.

Freshman elementary education major Madeleine Williams was a skater who regularly hugged the wall that night. At first, she was intimidated by the crowd of good skaters. By the end of her night there, however, she had gotten the hang of it. 

Other skaters were kind enough to extend encouraging words and advice like “bend your knees” and “take baby steps” to try to get everyone to have a good experience. Over all, the roller rink was a night full of fun, even with a couple falls.