The best movie list for the Christmas countdown


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Sarah Halsey

Christmas is here once again, and that means it is time for annual Christmas movie marathons! Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit better than Christmas movies. Here is my list of my favorite Christmas movies that you should watch as you countdown to the 25th:

  1. A Christmas Story 
    A Christmas Story is a classic centered around the mischief of a boy and his family at Christmas. The movie is timeless because the imperfections of the family make it relatable to people of all kinds. The story doesn’t tie up perfectly at the end, but it comes together in a way that makes the story a fan favorite.

  2. Miracle On 34th Street
    Miracle On 34th Street tells a story about how faith and hope are important in order to be able to survive painful life experiences. The story is also about redemption. The life lessons this story tells far exceed Christmas time, but they also help with the pain many have to deal with around the holidays. 

  3. It’s A Wonderful Life
    It’s A Wonderful Life is a classic about how many of the things that seem negative in your life can actually be blessings. The painful experiences we have shape us. This is an important message for everyone to hear so that our past can help us grow into the people we want to be. Especially for college students, this movie can remind us not to complain about the way our lives are, but rather start to appreciate our many blessings. 

  4. The Santa Clause (1, 2 and 3)
    The Santa Clause movies are comedies about family, forgiveness and hope at Christmas. I love the imperfections of the family in these movies as well because everyone has a little crazy in their family. Forgiving your family for various things could be the best thing you could do this Christmas season.

  5. The Polar Express
    The Polar Express is a magical story about friendship and faith. The main message: Everyone needs someone. Sometimes the best friendships we have could be the most unexpected ones. We all need friends who encourage us to have faith in things bigger than ourselves, especially around Christmas.

  6. The Holiday
    The Holiday is a story about how life’s unexpected turns, such as heartbreak and rejection, can actually be the best gifts that life gives because of the path they take us on. The pain of one experience can be the very thing that leads us to a great blessing in another area, which is something that we all need to remember when going through hard times. 

No matter what your favorite Christmas movies are, don’t forget the life lessons they teach. As the semester comes to a close, put these classics on your must-watch list to get into the Christmas spirit.