Best podcasts to listen to over break


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Sarah Halsey

Christmas break is here, and so many good podcasts came out in 2018. There is so much that you can learn from podcasts, and there are podcasts on most any topic you can image for free online. I listen to more podcasts than I can keep track of, and I love it! Here are a few of my personal favorites for your consideration over winter break. 

Kentucky Sports Radio (KSR) is something I listen to everyday. It is my favorite UK sports news source by far. They talk about UK sports in a way that is funny and entertaining, and they leave you wanting more.

Rachel Hollis’ “Rise” podcast is another of my favorites. Hollis is an inspirational entrepreneur who is focused on helping people reach their potential. She loves personal growth and encouraging others to reach their goals. She also puts a major emphasis on health, which often gets put on the back burner in college. I recommend her work for all college students. 

Next, you might want to listen to Annie F. Downs’ “That Sounds Fun” podcast. Downs is an author, and her new podcasts are out twice a week. The most recent ones are all about Christmas. More specifically, they are about Hallmark Christmas movies. Annie and her friends talk about Christmas activities and movies in a humorous way that will make you want to get in the Christmas spirit. 

Ashley Graham’s “Pretty Big Deal” podcast is another winner. Graham is a supermodel who is a major advocate for body positivity. She interviews a different person on every podcast, and they talk about their life, things they are learning and how to overcome adversity. You won’t be sorry you listened.

Finally, listen to Jenna Kutcher’s “Goal Digger” podcast. Kutcher is a photographer and entrepreneur. This podcast is about how she became so successful in her business and how to experience personal development in your life. This is definitely a topic useful for college students. 

If podcasts aren’t your thing, there are always audiobooks, which are a great way to smash out that reading list while doing other tasks. I’m listening to Michelle Obama’s new book, “Becoming,” right now. It is fascinating to hear how the former First Lady grew up and became the First Lady. The possibilities are endless when it comes to podcasts and audiobooks, and both are a great way to learn something new.