Advice for the first day of class: Be positive


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Sarah Halsey

The start of another semester is here once again. Many of you may feel excited by the new possibilities that await in the new year and new semester. March Madness. Spring Break. A fresh start. On the other hand, many of you may be feeling burnt out before the semester has even started. You may feel like Christmas break was not long enough, and all you want is a nap or just one more day off. You may even be counting down the days until spring break already.

No matter how you feel going into the spring semester, know that you can do this. 

Be proud of yourself for the things you have already accomplished and for the success you have already had. Reward yourself for the things you have already done well. By doing this, you will live in a way that you can be proud of. You should be proud of yourself on a daily basis. Do something to make yourself proud daily. You won’t be sorry.

You already know what to do. Even if you’re still a freshman, you warmed up last semester. You know how to make the grades. You know how to get things done. You know how to get ahead in your classes and in your life. You know how to be productive. You know how to get through another semester. You have done it before. You have already proven to yourself you can do it. You will do it again this time. 

This semester, eliminate the excess from your life. There are many things that distract us from our actual responsibilities such as our phones, Netflix, maybe a certain person. A certain work or volunteer commitment could even be a distraction from school and good grades. Eliminate the things that are not benefiting you or adding to your quality of life. 

You are smart. You are strong. You are capable. This semester is going to be what you make of it, but decide now what that will be.

And remember, good grades are great, but your grades do not define you. Perfect attendance in class does not always have to be the goal. It is okay to live a little and to forgive yourself when you fall short of your goals. You’ll have a better chance of reaching them if you figure out what motivates you personally, and use that to your advantage. You can do this because you are smarter than you think.

The semester awaits. Have fun!