Comedy Caravan audience has ‘good time’ at Cats Den


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Emma Reid

The student center is commonly known as the home of a massive Starbucks, over-the-top gym and a crowded dining hall. It is less known as a stage for famous comedians.

Comedy Caravan takes place every Wednesday in Cats Den, located in the bottom of the Gatton Student Center. The night started with host Junior Drew Brickman taking the stage to introduce the first performer of the night.

Brickman himself dabbles in comedy. He found his love for comedy freshman year after watching a stand-up comedian at the Cats Den.

“The comedian gave me five minutes on stage to perform some of my jokes to the students,” Brickman said.

He has been writing and performing his material every week since.

Hannah Hogan, the leading comedian of the night, was recently seen on America’s Got Talent. She told jokes on topics from her mother dying in a car accident to solely marrying her husband for a green card. Hogan turned intense moments in her life into humorous stories. The crowd, consisting of all ages, cried out with laughter after each joke.

Already pleased with her performance, the audience seemed to be intrigued when they found out she was only opening for a more experienced comedian, Dusty Slay, seen previously on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Slay went on to tell a series of jokes about his experiences stealing from hotel rooms, his two days in college before realizing higher education was not for him, and tales of his childhood growing up in a trailer park.

Slay is used to a more substantial crowd and announces he comes to the cat’s den to “humble” himself, as the number of people present has not changed in the three years he has been coming to UK. There were 25 audience members.

Slay continued to tell the crowd “We’re having a good time.” He went on to explain why he makes the statement instead of asking the question “Are we having a good time?”

“I just can’t risk it,” he said.

Slay even has a podcast titled “We’re Having a Good Time.”

The night ended after two hours abundant with laughter flowing out of the crowd of college students and middle age longtime fans of Slay.