UK students compete in Binglow for Valentine’s Day prizes


This month’s Binglow event had a Valentine’s Day theme with prizes to match.

Noah Oldham

SAB’s monthly “Binglow” event is like the combination of a bingo hall and a rave ーdark lighting, neon glow sticks and tables of students with their bingo cards and markers who mean business. February’s Valentine’s Day-themed Binglow was held Monday evening in the Student Center Ballroom.

Monday’s event had a great turnout. SAB members estimated about 150 students attended, filling up the room’s tables. The Valentine’s Day prizes included a chocolate fountain, a polaroid camera and a quesadilla maker, among others. Because really, nothing says, “I love you” like a quesadilla.

“I think it went extremely well,” said freshman Jeremy Middleton, the upcoming Director of Campus Life for SAB. “We had lots of volunteers who made the event possible.”

The event included free chicken tenders and glow sticks for all attendees. The music was played from a Spotify playlist of pop hits.

There were about six rounds over the course of the hour-long event, with most awarding multiple winners. And this wasn’t any ordinary bingo game ー Binglow is far more intense. The bingo tiles were chosen randomly and read aloud by a computer, which added a certain sci-fi “Purge” factor. SAB members lurked around the tables like sharks to ensure that nobody was breaking the rules by playing more than one card at once. The tension was raised when a new rule was implemented ー players who only had one tile left to make BINGO had to stand up to make each other nervous. Winners calling out “bingo!” were met with a ballroom full of groans from students losing hope of winning the coveted chocolate fountain.

“It was fun but obviously disappointing I didn’t win,” said junior Maria Paolini, who said her friend invited her to come play. “I guess I didn’t need a quesadilla maker.”

SAB hopes to build up a following for its monthly Binglow. Organizers said they’re going to continue basing their prizes on seasonal themes, including a collaboration with the UK Bookstore and prizes centered on seasonal sports. Hopeful students should keep their eyes out for the next Binglow event. It’ll be here “B4” long.