‘The power is within you.’ UK Diversity VP shows what keeps her going


UK Vice President of Institutional Diversity Sonja Feist-Price speaks to students in the Martin Luther King Jr. Center on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Photo by Javoughn Brown-Lewis.

Jericho Curry

On Wednesday afternoon, Sonja Feist-Price, UK’s Vice-President for Institutional Diversity, was the featured guest at the Martin Luther King Center’s monthly Lunch and Learn speaking engagement.

According to the Martin Luther King Center’s website, Lunch & Learn is an opportunity for members of the UK community to engage in conversation over food and learn about unique research opportunities.

Feist-Price kicked off the lunch by speaking on her presentation topic of Live Your Best Life by Tapping Into YOUR Power.” During this hour-long event, Feist-Price touched on what keeps her grounded.

Feist-Price said that faith, family, friends and fun is what keeps her grounded and keeps her moving. On faith, Feist-Price said that she is a Christian woman who stands in her faith.

“Faith is very important, it is what guides everything that I do. It starts my mornings off and I end my night with it,” Feist-Price said.

Feist-Price told the audience that her family played a major role in her success over the years. Feist-Price is married to Cleo Price, the assistant dean of graduate school for UK.

Feist-Price and Price have two daughters, Hannah and Gabrielle, who are current and former Spelman University students.

During the presentation, Feist-Price talked about influential writings on what has impacted her and how she became a licensed psychologist. Two books mentioned were The Souls of Black Folks by W.E.B. Du Bois and Playing Big by Tara Mohr. 

Impacting the lives of students is something that is dear and near Feist-Price’s goal as a faculty member at UK.

“I strive to be there for students for what I didn’t have,” Feist-Price said. “Not only do we admit students but attend to the needs of students. Once we meet the needs of our students, we graduate our students.”  

Throughout Feist-Price’s presentation she continued to show different inspirational quotes to the audience but her departing words as she closed were, “People don’t always affirm and validate you. The power is within you.”