Comedian Chris D’Elia to perform at UK


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Comedian, actor and writer Chris D’Elia will be performing a stand-up comedy show as a part of his “Follow the Leader” tour on March 31, 2019, on the University of Kentucky’s campus in the Singletary Center.

D’Elia has been doing stand-up since 2006 and his style of comedy has been described as raunchy and energetic communicated in a conversational tone. He has a knack for improvisational comedy and will often improvise parts of his shows. He utilizes accents and over-the-top voices in his stand up routines to sound like a different person. His facial expressions and body movements aid in the delivery of many of his jokes.

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D’Elia has two popular stand-up specials on Netflix, “Man on Fire” and “Incorrigible.” D’Elia has also acted in a few shows; he had a role in “Whitney” and “Undateable” on NBC and “The Good Doctor” on ABC.

Currently D’Elia has been touring as well as hosting his weekly podcast, “Congratulations with Chris D’Elia.” The podcast takes on a stream-of-consciousness feel as he talks about his opinion on various topics. The podcast has been in the top 20 of comedy podcasts in multiple countries.

Recent UK graduate and comedy fan, Corey Denney, described why he enjoys D’Elia’s style of comedy and why he is excited to see the show.

“He’s the most naturally and organically funny person I’ve ever heard. Just listening to him tell the most regular story but with his unique brand of commentary makes any story hilarious somehow,” Denney said.

Denney continued: “And you can tell he thinks he’s really funny too, which is something I consider to be a great quality in a comedian.”

D’Elia regularly preforms at comedy clubs in Hollywood and he continues to tour in the U.S. and Canada to preform at sold out venues.

“I listen to his podcast regularly and it always puts a smile on my face, even if I’m not in the best mood. He’s just a really funny guy and it’s pretty awesome that he’s coming to Lexington. We don’t get a lot of big names here in town,” said Hunter Gabbard, a UK alumnus, on why he is excited to see the show.

Gabbard attended one of  D’Elia’s shows at the Comedy Store in California.

“Also, I saw him when I was on vacation in LA and I laughed so hard my abs were sore the next day, so I wouldn’t miss him when he’s so close to me,” Gabbard said.